What’s your passion?


What’s your passion? What are the things you do that you enjoy?

Everyone will have those things that they enjoy doing. Whether people consider them just a hobby or they consider it much more. When it comes to something that is much more than a hobby, it can be said that it’s your passion. Your passion may be a part of you and it may just define who you are. So what is passion?

  • Is something that you love to do. You have the feeling that you just have to do it, you have the urge, you have the desire, you have the patience, and you live with it. Without it, you feel empty and purposeless.


  • You invest your time! You may have or have not realized that you spend great deal of time with it. And when you the things that you are passionate about, times just fly. You just never felt the strain of waiting. It’s just time well spent you might say.


  • You set goals. You see yourself want to be better at what you are doing. It’s a milestone that you want to achieve. You want to grow and develop better. You just want to improve or fly like a soaring eagle if you will.


  • It can be your career for life. Well it’s hard to say that people eventually get to do the things that they love to. For example, if you love numbers and it is something you are passionate about, becoming a mathematician may just be the best thing to do. But we all have different passion and some can just be hard to turn it into your career. We have our choices. Those who had their passion as careers, great for them. But it is not a simple equation nor there any algorithm to make it work out.


  • If it is not your career, what can it be? It still can be the things that you enjoy and love doing in your daily life. You can have something to look forward to doing. You can have your passion as your stress-reliever from your work life.

So what are they exactly these passion? It can be anything – baking, singing, caring for animals, or even reading. Aren’t these things your hobby?? To some it may just be. To me passion and hobby may just have a difference. With passion, you have the desire to turn them into something more. Take baking for example. You may be a teacher by day which of course can be something that you actually love to do or consider it as your passion as well or it may be not. But out of work life, you may just have a small baking company from your home or something. It is something you love to do, you invested so much time in it, you set future plans for it and it can be so much more.


Another thing, this may be the first but I would like to hear what you have to say about this post. Share with me your passion!



11th July ’17



Do It?


When you want to do something, do it.

Dillenia Suffruticosa 2

At times, do admit that we procrastinate; we say those things we wanted to do, we planned ahead carefully, take that much time to “plan” whatever things we wanted to do and so on. Unless we do them, it would then means something, it means we actually do ourselves a favor.

Yes, lazy is the more exact word that would describe the whole situation. Of course not 100% of the time. Yes we do have other reasons sometimes. Or maybe people just want to give reasons for themselves, just so not to feel guilty. Well, nothing wrong with that.

It would save us a whole lot, if we could identify these situation! For me, I tend to question for the things that I do or did. But most times even though I have come up with answers or reasons, I tend to carry on doing all those things despite its non-usefulness. These are basically the thinking processes of our brain. The fast thinking process is we tend to just do things without reasoning with it. Without asking ourselves, is it worth a try and so on. Reasoning with things in our life, consider it the slow thinking process of our brain. We cannot blame it if we skipped this slow step of thinking. For the record, its not practical to “reasons” with everything we do and there are lots of things that are going on with our busy life, in the end we feel tired. And there’s a notion where people say, some beings think before they do while others do before they think. Its our habits.

To put things together, sometimes its helpful to identify ourselves in situations where we are in loop of doubts and procrastination. Then to reason with the things that we do or did. And eventually execute the things that we actually have been meant to do or retrospectively we could learn from mistake and not to do it again, if that is something we did not want to do in the first place.


25th Apr ’17