New Year, New Resolution?


The year 2017, it has been more than a week. Hope it’s not too late for a new post for the new year. So new year, new resolution? 

… new year resolution is to accomplish my last, last, last, last years’ resolution…

I’m sure every individuals would have their ‘new resolution’ for the ‘new year’. It might be a follow up to last year’s resolution that were unfinished, it might be the resolution that were never been started or even it might be a totally new resolution for the new year! Whatever resolution it is or it was, why do we have to have them by the time another year comes by?

New year…? Its just another day!

First of all, what is new year? Well technically I would say its just the same ‘day’ like any other day. What makes it different or special is that, it marked the line where we another year has gone by. Same like any other day, the different lies on the date. Its a system that human beings have developed in the past to make sense of the time. Nevertheless, its just like any other day.

1/1/2017-I will start to exercise today!

31/12/2018-That’s okay, I will start to exercise tomorrow!

Yes, it is big that we leap into a new year. But to have a new year resolution? I’m afraid it does not last long. The new year’s sensation would only have lasted a short while. Its like any other celebratory days or holidays, they lasted only a short while. To have new year resolution, not to say its bad, but I’d say the the essence would last a short while too. Soon after few days goes by, new year’s essence diminishes, so as our new resolution. I might be wrong but we might even have forgotten about it weeks or months.

New resolution everyday!

What I was trying to say is, we can change that. Some might be frustrated as to have the same new resolution at every year. So the good news is, we can change that!

Firstly, instead of new year, new resolution, lets bend the rule and have a say to new day, new resolution or goals as some might say. What we are doing here is that we are trying to change the way our mind behave. By having the say new day, new goal, its like a journey to a never ending mission to accomplished your goal. Make no mistake, it does not mean you have to have literally new goal every single day. The ‘goal’ does not have to be finished on that day! It may require different length of time to accomplish that goal. To have these goals everyday in your mind, simply provides you with a reminder every single day.

Secondly, like I said your goal may require certain amount of time and effort in order to achieve your goal. It might help to give your goal a set of deadline. But before that, it’s important to know, not everything will need a deadline. Other than deadline, your goal might be achieve by levels or mark as I would say.

For example, an assignment is something that you can give a deadline to. But losing weight its not something you can give deadline to. You can say you have to finish your assignment within a week. When it comes to something like losing weight, you can’t simply put you have to lose 10 kg in one month. It may not seem realistic. Instead try put it this way, “I want to lose 10 kg” or put it by levels “I want to have a running record of 6 minutes per km, then after that level was achieve, I will try to have a running record of 5 minutes per km. Do not put the ‘time’ to it. It does not work that way. This is something that will not follow the system of time.

Other than that, to put them in a record or tracking system might be even good! It gives you the sense of accomplishment. So as to put them all together, new day, new goals!

11th Jan 2017, 10:52 pm