To get the most ravishing moments, is not to plan but to just let everything happens the way it should be.

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By Dory in Finding Dory (2016):

“Just keep swimming.”

Sometimes we plan too much in life, its too tight and in the end we forgot to live. There are great moments and there are bad moments. We shall enjoy the great moments and endure the bad moments. And these moments that had passed are meant to be memories. Stop hoping all the moments would retake its place again in your life and stop hurting yourself just because you missed those moments; instead continue straight on and live the fullest. Here’s why, there are sure more moments that awaits us in the future.

By Jane (Olivia Thirlby) in 5 to 7 (2014):

“Life is about a collection of moments. The idea is to collect as many as you can.”


2:13 AM; 6th July ’16



Life we chose to live in?


We all do have that “plan” no doubt. What do we want to become when we grow up. What kind of car we want to drive. What kind of house we want to live in. But sometimes we just do not get what we want.

Though we have plans ahead of our life, we did not get things to be the way we wanted it to be. In fact, remember this, there are greater plans for us ahead. Greater things that we could not imagine ourselves. In the end, our lives turns out to be better than we thought.

Hence, when things do not go the way how we wanted it to be. We shall be patience, we shall withstand the pressure, we shall endure, we shall ask ourselves, why it has to be this way? Remember that there will some happiness and rewards that awaits us.

While if we were now at the top of the hill, we shall look back at things that we may have suffered when we were at the bottom of the hills. We shall remind ourselves the hardship and the support we got from people surrounding you.

As of for now, remember always that there will be reasons for things that has or had happened. Not to overthink it, just live the life how things are being at the moment. Life is simple, we breath in and breath out.

11:53 PM, 25th March 2016