At times..


There’s no doubt at times you feel like you have lost your confidence. You are starting to doubt your own competency and capability. This could be in anything that you’re doing. Could be your career, your studies, your role as a father or your role as a mother.

At times you would feel as high above in the cloud. At times you would feel you are at bottom rock. Here and presently, my confidence has shaken.

Perhaps the one thing that would help you the best at these times is knowing that everyone or anyone is there to support you. You may not realized this, but when you do realized, just try to not forget the moment and the feeling. You feel hope, you feel you have gained your confidence back slowly. Shall you not feel burdened on your shoulder, instead it shall felt like everyone helps you to lift yourself up. 

So at times, remember those moments.


Do It?


When you want to do something, do it.

Dillenia Suffruticosa 2

At times, do admit that we procrastinate; we say those things we wanted to do, we planned ahead carefully, take that much time to “plan” whatever things we wanted to do and so on. Unless we do them, it would then means something, it means we actually do ourselves a favor.

Yes, lazy is the more exact word that would describe the whole situation. Of course not 100% of the time. Yes we do have other reasons sometimes. Or maybe people just want to give reasons for themselves, just so not to feel guilty. Well, nothing wrong with that.

It would save us a whole lot, if we could identify these situation! For me, I tend to question for the things that I do or did. But most times even though I have come up with answers or reasons, I tend to carry on doing all those things despite its non-usefulness. These are basically the thinking processes of our brain. The fast thinking process is we tend to just do things without reasoning with it. Without asking ourselves, is it worth a try and so on. Reasoning with things in our life, consider it the slow thinking process of our brain. We cannot blame it if we skipped this slow step of thinking. For the record, its not practical to “reasons” with everything we do and there are lots of things that are going on with our busy life, in the end we feel tired. And there’s a notion where people say, some beings think before they do while others do before they think. Its our habits.

To put things together, sometimes its helpful to identify ourselves in situations where we are in loop of doubts and procrastination. Then to reason with the things that we do or did. And eventually execute the things that we actually have been meant to do or retrospectively we could learn from mistake and not to do it again, if that is something we did not want to do in the first place.


25th Apr ’17