At times..


There’s no doubt at times you feel like you have lost your confidence. You are starting to doubt your own competency and capability. This could be in anything that you’re doing. Could be your career, your studies, your role as a father or your role as a mother.

At times you would feel as high above in the cloud. At times you would feel you are at bottom rock. Here and presently, my confidence has shaken.

Perhaps the one thing that would help you the best at these times is knowing that everyone or anyone is there to support you. You may not realized this, but when you do realized, just try to not forget the moment and the feeling. You feel hope, you feel you have gained your confidence back slowly. Shall you not feel burdened on your shoulder, instead it shall felt like everyone helps you to lift yourself up. 

So at times, remember those moments.


Something we do


When we see above us, dark night and bright stars. We cannot see which stars are alive which ones are dead, all we see are shining stars. They burnt out yet they still shine. 


When you do something literally for a person, it makes a difference from giving or buying them something. Do not think that you do not have the monetary capabilities, you do not have the capabilities to help. Actually we do have those capabilities to help. We have our inner strength, inner believes, and all that matters is the sincerity.

When we do something for a person, we will leave a memories for them that are much valuable. When we do something for a person, it may not mean much for us, but it may mean a lot for that person. We do actually leave something behind in this world when we do something, something that money can’t buy, happiness.


18th May ’16, 11:58 PM