We grew apart?


Another thought in my mind that I would write one about. People or friends that surrounds us today, may not stay around anymore in the future. In short, we grew apart.

Isn’t it frustrating that you feel that you grew apart from the people surrounding you that you used to be close with? Well I would say, isn’t that normal part of life? Lets look it this way, when we were in kindergarten or in primary school, we have few friends that might have attached to us. But when we moved on to secondary school, we have to leave our primary school friends and we get to know some more new friends in secondary school. Then we leave secondary school and enter university and graduate and start a job; all these will make you leave some people behind you while it will not be impossible that a few might still be attached.

In short, people comes and go. Life is like a journey in a train I would say. You got on the train from a stop, then alongside the journey to your next stop, there will be people that would get on the train and there will be people that would get off the train. What we can gather from this is that different individuals would have different goals and journey in their life and the ‘meeting’ of people might have been fated. We moved on with our life to fulfill our goals in life, to commit to our responsibilities and much more.


We cannot blame for those who leave, and for those who leave they might feel sorry. The same goes to each and everyone of us. It’s all part of life, it’s all beyond our control. Though we do have the choice to choose whether we want to get a special place somewhere in your life for that person. It will all be up to us. There should not be sorrow to this, only happiness and pray for their success. While we moved on with ours

To everyone I have ever known, though we might have missed some episodes in our life, its such a blessing and I am thankful for the memories we ever made and I will cherish them.

9:40 PM; 26th May ’16



Something we do


When we see above us, dark night and bright stars. We cannot see which stars are alive which ones are dead, all we see are shining stars. They burnt out yet they still shine. 


When you do something literally for a person, it makes a difference from giving or buying them something. Do not think that you do not have the monetary capabilities, you do not have the capabilities to help. Actually we do have those capabilities to help. We have our inner strength, inner believes, and all that matters is the sincerity.

When we do something for a person, we will leave a memories for them that are much valuable. When we do something for a person, it may not mean much for us, but it may mean a lot for that person. We do actually leave something behind in this world when we do something, something that money can’t buy, happiness.


18th May ’16, 11:58 PM


Revision week – Exam


With revision week coming to an end, I would like to quote this saying by Dr Ivan Damjanov which I found in his Pathology Secrets book:

Always cover the main topics; ignore the trivia and unnecessary details. Be systematic! Be concise! And remember: You do not have to know everything; nobody knows everything.

Tasek Lama Menara View.jpgHis message correlates with my idea of just focusing the main things and the main concept. Some may have found that revision week has been hard, but it will not compare much to the upcoming hardwork in the near future ! And there will always some kind of rewards at the end. Goodluck to everyone ! There is no limit, fly high ..

1st May ’16; 2:14 PM


Failure? Hard work?


Yes. It needs a hard work to be successful. It can be a success in your study or even in your career. Whatever it is, it needs hard work. 

If I were to ask myself, have I done it? Have you beat up yourself just to get the most out of what you want to achieve? Definitely I can say that I have not. I have not given the best or the most that I can do. Sometimes we like to do things in our comfort zone and I have been sitting at this comfort zone. But in order to achieve something, like for example if you want to score in your exam, you have to challenge yourself and exploit your capabilities, your potential. All are done through hard work.

Well it will be up to what do we want to achieve. If you want to get an achievement, then there is no doubt that you will definitely need a hard work. It is only the matter of questioning yourself whether you want to achieve something? Do you want to get to the top of the hill? Do you want to explore you capabilities? Then, hard work is what you need.

While you should know that, if you fail at some point of your life. It may have meant that you did not put all your efforts into it, you did not work hard enough. However you may wonder, you may have given the most that you have, but why do I still fail? Then it could be other things that you might have missed, for that matter you just have to reflect back. Nevertheless, do not think a failure as a failure in your life. Look at failure as a lesson, remember that we learn from failure. Look at failure as a measurement, you may be giving your 70% not 100%. Look at failure as a success, a success that you have attempted. Its a failure only if you did not try or try hard enough. If you slipped once, get the courage to get up !

Remember, do not be afraid of failure. Be ashamed if you have not work it out hard enough. You just have to excel yourself. I would always have this thought, “I don’t want to be hard on myself”. But no, lets change that and take up the challenge – work it as if its gonna be your last workout ever !


10:16 AM, 6th April ’16




Burnout is inevitable


Yes. In the near future there is no doubt at some point, you will reach the breaking point. I would write what have drawn me to medicine. Whenever I were to reach that point of burnout, refer to these statement again. There may be some other statement that I would write again in the near future. This will be your booster whenever in need.

For now remember that you believe in life-long learning and you are a learning enthusiast, especially in health related and Medicine ofcourse. Remember too that you want to pursue Medicine because it would bring so much more in life. There are so much in life that needs to be figured out. Not just the disease, but the life of people that revolves around it. Remember it will teach you more in life, let you be more selfless, more humane. That is all for now.

12:05 AM, 31st March ’16


Life we chose to live in?


We all do have that “plan” no doubt. What do we want to become when we grow up. What kind of car we want to drive. What kind of house we want to live in. But sometimes we just do not get what we want.

Though we have plans ahead of our life, we did not get things to be the way we wanted it to be. In fact, remember this, there are greater plans for us ahead. Greater things that we could not imagine ourselves. In the end, our lives turns out to be better than we thought.

Hence, when things do not go the way how we wanted it to be. We shall be patience, we shall withstand the pressure, we shall endure, we shall ask ourselves, why it has to be this way? Remember that there will some happiness and rewards that awaits us.

While if we were now at the top of the hill, we shall look back at things that we may have suffered when we were at the bottom of the hills. We shall remind ourselves the hardship and the support we got from people surrounding you.

As of for now, remember always that there will be reasons for things that has or had happened. Not to overthink it, just live the life how things are being at the moment. Life is simple, we breath in and breath out.

11:53 PM, 25th March 2016




Definitely it has shown so far that being a medical student is a challenge. But this journey itself has keep me motivated.

Last week, I had a one week clinical placement at AMU. Basically I need to complete my clinical skills, do some clerking of cases and most importantly I really want to spend my time to learn and learn. This time I have come to realised that sometimes you need some patience when it comes to talking to patients. They may be talking some points that may not be relevant to you, in the end you become impatience, even at some point ignoring the things they said to you.

BUT, who are we to blame them for it? They are the patients, they are in pain, they are sick, they are worried and they have a story to tell to you. Like I said, this journey itself has keep me motivated. These patients is one of the motivator in this journey. They are sick, they want to know what is wrong with them, they want their pain to be alleviated. They were worried, they need an ear and someone to listen to. They are telling stories, stories that I may not ever experienced in life. Actually there are much more than just taking history and make a diagnosis…

Like how Dr Sartaj from Renal Unit of RIPAS told us medics. Patients have the signs and symptoms. Patients have the diagnosis. Patients are the library. We learn from them. It really is wonderful to be in this journey. We keep on learning every day. We will never grow too old enough to stop to learn.

11:42 PM, 11th March ’16