Present time


In the past, you may have thought or planned carefully for the future. But you never knew what will come. Only by the time when the present came, you might think that the plan that you have thought in the past might be a mistake or you might ask yourself why this present has happened?


You will never know why you end up here at this present time. Then at this time, again you need to plan carefully for the next future. And from here you may have realized that what you have initially planned may not go as well how it would be. Then at this present time, I come to know that there’s no harm to plan for the future and perhaps we may have spent so much time thinking how the past have brought us here today at present time.

Therefore, it is far more important to realized that we need to appreciate the present that we are having now. It is important to just go with the flow. We will never know what lies ahead anyway and so live this present. Appreciate this moment, this present.

1:48 PM, 19th July ’16



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