Failure? Hard work?


Yes. It needs a hard work to be successful. It can be a success in your study or even in your career. Whatever it is, it needs hard work. 

If I were to ask myself, have I done it? Have you beat up yourself just to get the most out of what you want to achieve? Definitely I can say that I have not. I have not given the best or the most that I can do. Sometimes we like to do things in our comfort zone and I have been sitting at this comfort zone. But in order to achieve something, like for example if you want to score in your exam, you have to challenge yourself and exploit your capabilities, your potential. All are done through hard work.

Well it will be up to what do we want to achieve. If you want to get an achievement, then there is no doubt that you will definitely need a hard work. It is only the matter of questioning yourself whether you want to achieve something? Do you want to get to the top of the hill? Do you want to explore you capabilities? Then, hard work is what you need.

While you should know that, if you fail at some point of your life. It may have meant that you did not put all your efforts into it, you did not work hard enough. However you may wonder, you may have given the most that you have, but why do I still fail? Then it could be other things that you might have missed, for that matter you just have to reflect back. Nevertheless, do not think a failure as a failure in your life. Look at failure as a lesson, remember that we learn from failure. Look at failure as a measurement, you may be giving your 70% not 100%. Look at failure as a success, a success that you have attempted. Its a failure only if you did not try or try hard enough. If you slipped once, get the courage to get up !

Remember, do not be afraid of failure. Be ashamed if you have not work it out hard enough. You just have to excel yourself. I would always have this thought, “I don’t want to be hard on myself”. But no, lets change that and take up the challenge – work it as if its gonna be your last workout ever !


10:16 AM, 6th April ’16





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