Definitely it has shown so far that being a medical student is a challenge. But this journey itself has keep me motivated.

Last week, I had a one week clinical placement at AMU. Basically I need to complete my clinical skills, do some clerking of cases and most importantly I really want to spend my time to learn and learn. This time I have come to realised that sometimes you need some patience when it comes to talking to patients. They may be talking some points that may not be relevant to you, in the end you become impatience, even at some point ignoring the things they said to you.

BUT, who are we to blame them for it? They are the patients, they are in pain, they are sick, they are worried and they have a story to tell to you. Like I said, this journey itself has keep me motivated. These patients is one of the motivator in this journey. They are sick, they want to know what is wrong with them, they want their pain to be alleviated. They were worried, they need an ear and someone to listen to. They are telling stories, stories that I may not ever experienced in life. Actually there are much more than just taking history and make a diagnosis…

Like how Dr Sartaj from Renal Unit of RIPAS told us medics. Patients have the signs and symptoms. Patients have the diagnosis. Patients are the library. We learn from them. It really is wonderful to be in this journey. We keep on learning every day. We will never grow too old enough to stop to learn.

11:42 PM, 11th March ’16



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