There will always that time when we were still in primary and our teacher would ask their students to write a composition about your ambition aka cita-cita saya.


I remembered that it was when I was still in primary 4 that my teacher went around the classroom, asking each of his students about their ambition when they grow up. And everyone would give their typical answer, some wanted to be a teacher, some wanted to be a policemen, firemen, an army and list goes on. When I was asked by my teacher what I want to be when I grow up, I was the only one said that I wanted to be a doctor. He paused for a while and told his students including me that a doctor is very much a noble career. I could see that he was proud that his students has their own ambition which provides motivation for each of us to study hard. As I myself, was very much driven since then to keep my ambition to be a doctor as my motivation.


What influences me to become a doctor? Some people have the background of doctors in the family and so. Some were inspired after watching the series House or any some sort of medical series. But I dont have those. Perhaps it was because that my own mother herself is suffering from renal failure or end stage renal disease (ESRD). These groups of patients will require some sort of therapy to replace the function of their failed kidney which is to produce urine basically. To cut the story short, renal patients has to go to dialysis centre 3 times a week to get their therapy or dialysis. That period of time has familiarized me with the medical field but not much. The most I can make out of it as a kid was “I want to be a doctor who help sick people”. That was it.

Then I ever told my mother and step-mother about my ambition when I was still a kid. My mother, without the background of any medical or health professions, did not encourage me to become a doctor. Whilst she told me that it take years for me to become a doctor and she wants me to just become a teacher instead as most of my relatives were teachers as well. Since then to be a teacher became an ambition to me as well and to think of it, teachers are very much important and noble as well. I would understand that my mother wanted me to become a teacher because she just wants to see my success and work later on in life. On the other hand, my step-mother very much happy to hear that I wanted to become a doctor, like any other mother would. Perhaps because she used to study to be a nurse before that she would understand.

The decision

Since then I kept my ambition to be a teacher as my first option and a doctor as my second option. Until I entered form six, we were suppose to have in mind what course we wanted to take before we enter the university. During that time we were asked to write our personal statement, why we wanted to study that course. With my ambition to be a doctor, I did not have any idea at all how to be a doctor and what course to take. Actually at that time, being a food and diet freak with my cooking hobby, I wanted to take on dietition and nutrition. However, I dont know why it was hard for me to write my personal statement on it and I realize that perhaps I was not into it that much. Then I switched onto Biology as it was one of my favourite subject. I like to study about the living things and I have some sort of philosophy that I wanted and believed that learning is a life-long process, and I wanted to have a career where I could do that. So then I thought to be a researcher was it. With my personal statement to take the course on Biology I submitted to several Unis. In fact one of the Unis being the University of Sheffield suggested that I take on Biomedical Science instead as my personal statement suggested that I liked more about health of the human beings.

Final choice

At this moment I still dont have any idea at all there was a course on Medicine. Not until when I went to HECAS exhibition where the students could ask around what sort of courses are offered at our local Unis. At first I asked about the Biology course at UBD how was it like. Then I found out to study Biology simply you study more about the animals and the plants. But I know at that moment that I was more interested in the study of human beings. Then kindly enough they suggested me to take on the course on Biomedical science or Medicine. Then from there I found out to become a doctor you have to take the course on Medicine. To become a doctor was pretty much something I thought I could not think that I could be one at that time, as I was only an average student. For what I know to take the Medicine course you have to have A**AA, that kind of result. To my surprise, UBD’s entry requirement to Medicine was much lower and within my capacity. I always thought I just want to become average and do average. But at that time I took on the risk and be brave and applied Medicine at my local unis as my first choice. Without high expectation, I went through the interview, I passed and alhamdulilah now I’m currently a third year medical student while being a part-time tuition teacher as to nurture my passion in teaching as well.

11:20 PM, 2nd March ’16




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