Lend a Hand


It was Saturday morning and I was late for diabetes placement that day…

Parking area at RIPAS was very much packed indeed. Cars were parked where they were not supposed to, some ways were blocked and so. I was pretty much in a rush to find a place to park, while on the contrary there was this car infront, drove quite slowly and carefully trying to avoid getting scratch. I know at that moment it was an old couple in the car.

When the car was about to go out from the packed-parking area, they suddenly stop and the old couple surprisingly got off the car. Unexpectedly, the old man asked me for help-the car was actually near a drain. Then, I stepped out of my car with no confident at all, thinking how am I suppose to navigate an automatic car. Oh and all these time my friend was queing behind my car. So I’ve tried approached him, asking for help just because I dont have the confidence. But then, I actually went to the old couple’s car and take a look-to my surprise the car was actually a manually navigated car ! And then I’ve told myself, you know what, you would know how to navigate this car around and at the back of my heart, I do want to help this couple. And so I did. There were people around there too, and I felt nervous because of them. Anyhow, I did it anyway though it was quiet different from my car, it took me some time trying to balanced the car’s gear. Cut story short, I managed to get their car out of the parking area, thanks to the people as well for being the ‘police traffic’.

When I stepped out of the car, the event ended with the old man thanking and hand-shaking the people for supporting and giving help to them. Though I feel, it may not be much but it sure meant a lot for the old man, for those in need. It makes their unease in life goes away, lifted up their hard times and gave us a smile in the end.

From then on, I thought I should be more like this, I should offer more help for those who are obviously in need of help. I should try help despite the uncertainty and lack of confidence.

We do need some confidence some times, but its not just the confidence that matters, what matters the most is we believe in ourselves that we could do it and we could lend a hand to help. 🙂

6th Feb ’16, 10:30 PM



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