Backtrack (2015)


Backtrack (2015)
Mystery/thriller (5.8/10)
Directed by Michael Petroni
Main casts Adrien Brody, Robin Mcleavy

Bankside Films
Psychologist Peter Bower’s life is thrown into turmoil when he discovers that the patients he has been seeing are ghosts. Risking his own sanity, Peter delves into his past to uncover a terrifying secret which only he can put right. Backtrack is a spine-chilling story from the acclaimed writer-director, Michael Petroni.

Watched on 16th Jan '16, 9:45 PM @Empire Cineplex

This movie gave a view on how would our past history of guilt might affect our future. How would it be like your guilt becomes the ghost that haunts you?

Really well displayed the mystery side of the movie, however pretty much predictable. Definitely worth it but did not give much of adreneline rush. Bad nasty looking ghost of a teenage girl came out of nowhere – desensitized to it. His world full of guilt were greatly displayed through his act of hallucinating, talking to his ghostly patients. My first encounter for Adrien Brody and Robin Mcleavy. Felt their agony superfically. Potrayed the sad, guilt character well. Was looking for more depression in his. Great scene and cinematic captuted through the lens. The door banging, metal squeeking, drunken men, traumatized teenager – thats all it is. Despite all that, perhaps an additional drop of dream filled with guilt could reach out more to our feelings. From my point of view, superficially touched my emotions, can only sympathize that much.

How can we understand all those psychotic-hallucinating patients? We never really get to feel and understand their agony and pain. Peter Bower looks like he is in his mid thirties, married and with his recently loss teenage daughter has triggered his past feelings of guilt – which he thought might be related to his loss. Sometimes we feel guilty and do have the courage to confess, but we tend to hide the most guilt, real and the coward feelings of ours. Sometimes we have to cover the truth just because we love that someone. But eventually the mites eat us all inside. In reality, the truth may never ever revealed itself – how can we be honest with our feelings? To me there is always at least 1-2% lies in the truth. We never really know or realized that the things we did in our past might have brought an effect to out future life or even backfire, ‘karma’ they said. Life is simple –

you give goodness, you will get goodness.

11:18 AM, 17th Jan ’16



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