See and Listen


8.OO AM, 12th Jan ’16, Tuesday

First clinical placement for the 6th semester of the year 3 with an Endocrinologist, it was such a rare experience. Together with my collegues, we get to observed such different, yet it was motivating and it takes great power of being able to not only listen ‘well’, but to understand the phonology of every words that came out from the patient’s mouth.

Thai man, 44y/o, presented with 1/7 proximal muscle weakness of sudden onset started at 1 am. No hx of fever and diarrhea. Fine tremors and power of 4/5 for lower limb with sluggish reflexes.

The doctor could only rely on a Thai nurse who helped in translating the history asked from the patient. Though we could not much appreciate the conversation between the patient and the nurse, but I could pretty much understand just from the intonation of their conversation- that is one way you could understand them not linguistically but emotionally. Words we say out and the way we do it pretty much expresses our feelings and emotions – that is through intonation.

On the other hand, observation plays a powerful role as well in this situation. All kinds of gestures, facial expression, eye contact – pretty much enough for us to understand a human being. It was the most that we could do, observe the scene- the doctor, Thai nurse translator and Thai patient. In fact, understanding and communicating in a non-verbal manner is s a skill that we need to develop. See the power of observation.

Can we see the power of listening? Yes. Not only being able to comprehend, to appreciate the tone but just by listening is the greatest thing by itself. 13th Jan ’16, 5.30 PM, I get to listen the amazing miraculous story of my friend C. Though it was not much, listen and just listen, it was such a great way to understand their feelings, their experience, basically their life if you must know it. At the end of the day, you get to understand them more, you get to appreciate your life more, you get to be the most gratitude person for the shared experience, but it does not just ended there. I used to think, there was not much to give by listening but from the other side of perspective, you gave them chance to tell you, to express to you, to let their joy of hearts out or to feel their sadness – to them it could mean a lot. They could be thankful to you. Their happiness and gratitude just from being listened from someone – is my or it could even be your HAPPINESS and it is such a blessful thing to have in life. Simple act of kindness like listening can bring about more.

2.oo AM, 14th Jan ’16



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