First of all, I value my health and we should all do value our health. Why is that? Because health means rich. You value your health like how you would value your money. Or you can say that its an asset in your life.

Imagine if you are morbidly sick, perhaps take a simple example, fever, a simple fever for some can cause sick leave which means we would miss our lecture, our work, our time for our family – imagine how much things you would have missed just by resting in beds for 3 days just to get recover from your fever. This is just an example, in fact I believe some people out there would have worked or come for lecture despite their illness – but in fact this would be bad for your health and you may pose risk to others. However, there are many other illnesses or diseases that might come if you don’t take care of your health, especially those non-communicable diseases, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and the list goes on and on.

We have taken our health for granted. Especially modernization has changed the world and our ways of life. Not to blame yourself, not to blame the world, the truth is, there was and there will no one to be blame for this. However, we ourselves should have that sense of awareness to take good care of our HEALTH. Remember that health is an asset, its rich to be healthy. With a healthy body and a healthy mind – there are many opportunities and things that we could achieve in life.

In my dictionary, health revolves around many factors in our life. But to make it the simplest. I thought of the basic and major part of our life that is:



11:44 PM, 11th Jan ’16




What’s Exercise and Health-Related Fitness?

  • Basically it includes not only a healthy (bodyweight and composition) but also, cardiovascular-respiratory fitness, adequate muscular strength, muscular endurance and sufficient flexibility.

Physical activity can be define as any bodily movement caused by muscular contraction that results in expenditure of energy. This can be divided into 2 forms:

  1. Unstructured physical activity – it involves our activity daily livings (ADLs)
  2. Structured physical activity – planned program of physical activity.


In other words, if you are not the kind to go out there and have run the miles, perhaps doing daily activities at home like gardening, cleaning the house and etc are good enough as long as you spend 30 minutes at least of your time to do all these activities.

Remember, keep your heart beating, keep it healthy and live a long healthy life.

11th March ’16, 11:18 PM



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