A Long Way Down


Everyone one will have their own agony, their own suffer or their own humiliation. A Long Way Down sure has described four different life perspective of reasons for ending their life.

A Long Way Down- like I said everyone live up their life differently, some may have wanted to feel important, some may have wanted to feel loved, some may have wanted not feel humiliated, while some may come clear, die, don’t wanna live anymore. Scared to live as you may have feel failed to live, failed to change, that might be scary for a person like JJ.

Nonetheless, there are thousands, millions of reasons why people would want to suicide. We just simply can’t and will not understand them. But surely what we can do is listen, be there and help those in need. Medically speaking these are depressive people or psychotic people who wanted to suicide. From  A Long Way Down I just don’t feel much of depression from them but a little feeling of despair, helpless were definitely there.

Starting and ending with New Years Eve are spectacular. It gives the impression that these near suicidal people has just survive another year. Just like what Martin Sharp said at the end, “Another New Year”. This can simply mean that, people with agony, people with suffers, people with despair, helpless, hopeless, they can surely survive the years, survive their suffering with help from others. Made it through another year? Congratulations mate, you have just made it, you have just survived it, it means you have the strength. But we could never really know how much pain they were suffering from, how much help have they gotten, how much help and support do they need more? I will say, be there, he hope, be supportive for those in need.

“A bunch of desperate people come together to feel a little less desperate” JJ

3rd Jan ’16; 12:05 AM



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