“I’m Okay”


Thought seems to never stop going around in my head. It feels like my mind are constantly working – to think about things, school, life, responsibilities, and imagination. Rarely i found myself to just take a break and clear off my mind.


When times gets hard – I always ask myself this, why I have to go through this life, this responsibilities? Yes I am the only son, yet I am at that point of life where every child should be taking care of their parents. Where I should be working, earning and taking care of her. Though Im not a good one, being busy with other responsibilities, but I do always did my responsibilities with her, though its not much. Everything that I have done, felt like the best I can give but feel like its not enough. Everything just seems hard to hold on until now – wait until when the time comes for me to continue my medical study..

BUT she told me, its for ME. Despite everything that has been going on in life, like that ocean that never seems to have calm down, always rough – I would always always said these to myself
– Everything happens for a reason, everything that you are going through at the moment, will make you stronger. And this will prepare you for the future, to be more ready.
– Sesungguhnya semua kesusahan yang dijalani dalam kehidupan ini mempunyai hikmah disebaliknya. Allah akan menguji kita, dan tidak akan menguji kita lebih dari batas kemampuan kita.

“Allah mengkehendaki kamu beroleh kemudahan, dan Dia tidak mengkehendaki kamu menanggung kesukaran”

(Al Baqarah 185)

1.08 am, 18th December 2015



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