Strong is what they say when you have the strength. But when you are weak, simply means you don’t have the strength.

You can be strong physically or emotionally, but it all comes from your thinking. If you think you have the strength, then you will portray  yourself to be STRONG. But here I am thinking about self-strength. In my definition of am I strong to come back up from the beat, am I strong to stand alone, am I strong in my life struggle?

Lets bring back one time of my weaknessguilt, unable to accept the reality or the fact for what you have done – BEGGING for apology and that is simply not it, in fact it showed you no strength, it showed you your WEAKNESS. Simply learn it, you can’t be on your guilt forever long, even an apology won’t change a thing. On top of that, people around you would have the strength to move on, while you are still on it and they will laugh on you.

You’re weaker than I thought, don’t let your weakness get the worse of you – A

Is it alone or lonely  that I’m feeling? Alone is what I am now and that is not by choice. At some point in life or at every point even, you are alone. But lonely if that is what am I feeling now, and that my friend is by choice! I can be alone and feel lonely or I can be alone and not feel lonely. There you go, is this simply my absent of strength? To build up strength, as to be STRONG, all of it comes from you. You yourself build up your strength, you yourself choose to be happy, and you yourself choose not to feel lonely – then you are STRONG.

12.40am, 16/12/2015



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