At times..


There’s no doubt at times you feel like you have lost your confidence. You are starting to doubt your own competency and capability. This could be in anything that you’re doing. Could be your career, your studies, your role as a father or your role as a mother.

At times you would feel as high above in the cloud. At times you would feel you are at bottom rock. Here and presently, my confidence has shaken.

Perhaps the one thing that would help you the best at these times is knowing that everyone or anyone is there to support you. You may not realized this, but when you do realized, just try to not forget the moment and the feeling. You feel hope, you feel you have gained your confidence back slowly. Shall you not feel burdened on your shoulder, instead it shall felt like everyone helps you to lift yourself up. 

So at times, remember those moments.


What’s your passion?


What’s your passion? What are the things you do that you enjoy?

Everyone will have those things that they enjoy doing. Whether people consider them just a hobby or they consider it much more. When it comes to something that is much more than a hobby, it can be said that it’s your passion. Your passion may be a part of you and it may just define who you are. So what is passion?

  • Is something that you love to do. You have the feeling that you just have to do it, you have the urge, you have the desire, you have the patience, and you live with it. Without it, you feel empty and purposeless.


  • You invest your time! You may have or have not realized that you spend great deal of time with it. And when you the things that you are passionate about, times just fly. You just never felt the strain of waiting. It’s just time well spent you might say.


  • You set goals. You see yourself want to be better at what you are doing. It’s a milestone that you want to achieve. You want to grow and develop better. You just want to improve or fly like a soaring eagle if you will.


  • It can be your career for life. Well it’s hard to say that people eventually get to do the things that they love to. For example, if you love numbers and it is something you are passionate about, becoming a mathematician may just be the best thing to do. But we all have different passion and some can just be hard to turn it into your career. We have our choices. Those who had their passion as careers, great for them. But it is not a simple equation nor there any algorithm to make it work out.


  • If it is not your career, what can it be? It still can be the things that you enjoy and love doing in your daily life. You can have something to look forward to doing. You can have your passion as your stress-reliever from your work life.

So what are they exactly these passion? It can be anything – baking, singing, caring for animals, or even reading. Aren’t these things your hobby?? To some it may just be. To me passion and hobby may just have a difference. With passion, you have the desire to turn them into something more. Take baking for example. You may be a teacher by day which of course can be something that you actually love to do or consider it as your passion as well or it may be not. But out of work life, you may just have a small baking company from your home or something. It is something you love to do, you invested so much time in it, you set future plans for it and it can be so much more.


Another thing, this may be the first but I would like to hear what you have to say about this post. Share with me your passion!



11th July ’17


Do It?


When you want to do something, do it.

Dillenia Suffruticosa 2

At times, do admit that we procrastinate; we say those things we wanted to do, we planned ahead carefully, take that much time to “plan” whatever things we wanted to do and so on. Unless we do them, it would then means something, it means we actually do ourselves a favor.

Yes, lazy is the more exact word that would describe the whole situation. Of course not 100% of the time. Yes we do have other reasons sometimes. Or maybe people just want to give reasons for themselves, just so not to feel guilty. Well, nothing wrong with that.

It would save us a whole lot, if we could identify these situation! For me, I tend to question for the things that I do or did. But most times even though I have come up with answers or reasons, I tend to carry on doing all those things despite its non-usefulness. These are basically the thinking processes of our brain. The fast thinking process is we tend to just do things without reasoning with it. Without asking ourselves, is it worth a try and so on. Reasoning with things in our life, consider it the slow thinking process of our brain. We cannot blame it if we skipped this slow step of thinking. For the record, its not practical to “reasons” with everything we do and there are lots of things that are going on with our busy life, in the end we feel tired. And there’s a notion where people say, some beings think before they do while others do before they think. Its our habits.

To put things together, sometimes its helpful to identify ourselves in situations where we are in loop of doubts and procrastination. Then to reason with the things that we do or did. And eventually execute the things that we actually have been meant to do or retrospectively we could learn from mistake and not to do it again, if that is something we did not want to do in the first place.


25th Apr ’17

New Year, New Resolution?


The year 2017, it has been more than a week. Hope it’s not too late for a new post for the new year. So new year, new resolution? 

… new year resolution is to accomplish my last, last, last, last years’ resolution…

I’m sure every individuals would have their ‘new resolution’ for the ‘new year’. It might be a follow up to last year’s resolution that were unfinished, it might be the resolution that were never been started or even it might be a totally new resolution for the new year! Whatever resolution it is or it was, why do we have to have them by the time another year comes by?

New year…? Its just another day!

First of all, what is new year? Well technically I would say its just the same ‘day’ like any other day. What makes it different or special is that, it marked the line where we another year has gone by. Same like any other day, the different lies on the date. Its a system that human beings have developed in the past to make sense of the time. Nevertheless, its just like any other day.

1/1/2017-I will start to exercise today!

31/12/2018-That’s okay, I will start to exercise tomorrow!

Yes, it is big that we leap into a new year. But to have a new year resolution? I’m afraid it does not last long. The new year’s sensation would only have lasted a short while. Its like any other celebratory days or holidays, they lasted only a short while. To have new year resolution, not to say its bad, but I’d say the the essence would last a short while too. Soon after few days goes by, new year’s essence diminishes, so as our new resolution. I might be wrong but we might even have forgotten about it weeks or months.

New resolution everyday!

What I was trying to say is, we can change that. Some might be frustrated as to have the same new resolution at every year. So the good news is, we can change that!

Firstly, instead of new year, new resolution, lets bend the rule and have a say to new day, new resolution or goals as some might say. What we are doing here is that we are trying to change the way our mind behave. By having the say new day, new goal, its like a journey to a never ending mission to accomplished your goal. Make no mistake, it does not mean you have to have literally new goal every single day. The ‘goal’ does not have to be finished on that day! It may require different length of time to accomplish that goal. To have these goals everyday in your mind, simply provides you with a reminder every single day.

Secondly, like I said your goal may require certain amount of time and effort in order to achieve your goal. It might help to give your goal a set of deadline. But before that, it’s important to know, not everything will need a deadline. Other than deadline, your goal might be achieve by levels or mark as I would say.

For example, an assignment is something that you can give a deadline to. But losing weight its not something you can give deadline to. You can say you have to finish your assignment within a week. When it comes to something like losing weight, you can’t simply put you have to lose 10 kg in one month. It may not seem realistic. Instead try put it this way, “I want to lose 10 kg” or put it by levels “I want to have a running record of 6 minutes per km, then after that level was achieve, I will try to have a running record of 5 minutes per km. Do not put the ‘time’ to it. It does not work that way. This is something that will not follow the system of time.

Other than that, to put them in a record or tracking system might be even good! It gives you the sense of accomplishment. So as to put them all together, new day, new goals!

11th Jan 2017, 10:52 pm


Present time


In the past, you may have thought or planned carefully for the future. But you never knew what will come. Only by the time when the present came, you might think that the plan that you have thought in the past might be a mistake or you might ask yourself why this present has happened?


You will never know why you end up here at this present time. Then at this time, again you need to plan carefully for the next future. And from here you may have realized that what you have initially planned may not go as well how it would be. Then at this present time, I come to know that there’s no harm to plan for the future and perhaps we may have spent so much time thinking how the past have brought us here today at present time.

Therefore, it is far more important to realized that we need to appreciate the present that we are having now. It is important to just go with the flow. We will never know what lies ahead anyway and so live this present. Appreciate this moment, this present.

1:48 PM, 19th July ’16




To get the most ravishing moments, is not to plan but to just let everything happens the way it should be.

Dillenia Suffruticosa 1.png

By Dory in Finding Dory (2016):

“Just keep swimming.”

Sometimes we plan too much in life, its too tight and in the end we forgot to live. There are great moments and there are bad moments. We shall enjoy the great moments and endure the bad moments. And these moments that had passed are meant to be memories. Stop hoping all the moments would retake its place again in your life and stop hurting yourself just because you missed those moments; instead continue straight on and live the fullest. Here’s why, there are sure more moments that awaits us in the future.

By Jane (Olivia Thirlby) in 5 to 7 (2014):

“Life is about a collection of moments. The idea is to collect as many as you can.”


2:13 AM; 6th July ’16


Graduation & Appreciation speech


I always told myself this:

I do not want to excel amongst the others; I just want to excel within myself.

I can assure you, my sentences tend to be more complicated. Actually it just simply means, we should not compare ourselves with the others, we should just challenge ourselves and be good at it. Isn’t that what life has taught us to do? Remember, what was one of the major challenges when we were just about 1 year old? We took our very first step! They would not have called it the milestones if that was easy. I’m sure every one of us here has no memory of this, even if we try to dig out within amygdala, the so-called storage of our memories. But it does not have to be a memory anymore right? Because in fact it has become a part of us human being, to walk.


Learning Medicine is like that. There are so many things to learn in medicine and yet when we try to recall, we manage to remember only very little. We kept asking ourselves, what did I just study? But we may have not realized that in fact, it has become a part of us as well. That is how learning should be.


It is true that there are times when we experience something that I would call it the “burnout”. There was this one statement I remembered, they say the stars burnout. Since then I kept asking myself, how do they burnout. So last night I googled and the first statement that came up were “Generally, the more massive the star, the faster it burns up its fuel supply…” There you go guys, we study too much, and we are the stars.


Do not be discouraged when going downhill my friends. I still remember when I failed my first exam paper in medicine. But no, that was not the end. Just like people say, we learn from mistakes, we learn from failure. But what if we have given our best? Then we should be proud, because you would shine just like the stars. I think it would be more shameful if we did not have failed to even try. Like I said, excel within yourself, challenge yourselves further and believe me it would be just like when you started off with just a waddling gait and now you are capable of a full sprint.


#medicineco9; 25th June 2016 @4:30 PM

Let us all go back again to when we were just about 1 year old. Was everything that we learnt, simple word of ‘mama, papa’, the only hardship? No. We would not be able to grow without our first teacher in life, our parents. Like I said, we must not have remembered the memories of our first walk but our parents do. They must have been so proud back then and they must be so proud right now to see their child grow nearer towards a success. Just like when we started to learn how to walk, they supported us well and they are still supporting us now. They are there when we are at our struggles and they were there when we are at our happiness. To them, we are their hopes, we are their stars and we are their dream. And dear beloved parents, we wish to fulfil your hopes and we wish to make your dreams come true.

As we grow older, we need more support. Especially when we just first started Medicine in UBD, it was just like when we were 1 year old and that must be why they called us the first year back then. And now we are in our 3rd year and we keep on growing. Just like how proud our parents must be when we took our first step, our lecturers and doctors here must be proud of us too. They must have that feeling of self-accomplishment as they have seeded us well. They did not just support us all through the years but they have taught us well. They taught us how to walk on your own feet and the tricks of know-how to survive Medicine, just like Dr Tayyab said we must grab the concept, concept, concept, concept!, with concept everything else comes. Although we simply cannot express how much thankful we are to our parents, lecturers and everyone else, but for them, to see us succeed will hopefully be enough to activate their zygomaticus major muscle, in other words they smile.

Thank you parents, doctors and lecturers, we are truly grateful beyond words. Thank you very much.

6:04 PM; 26th June ’16

-Khairulsadekhz & medicineco9